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Skipping ahead to Wednesday in Paris

Eiffel Tower day!

rain 11 °C

I've missed some daily blogs but will catch up when I can. Life has been eventful and adventurous lately.

Today was an early start for the summit to the Eiffel Tower (and finally figured out how to get the mobile phone alarm to ring!) as my reserved ticket would allow me in at opening time at 9:30am and avoid the queue of schoolchildren and the snaky kilometer long line of tourists who did not book. There is only one lift working at this time that goes to the summit so it was almost clear of tourists for the first 45 minutes. The view is stunning albeit a bit hazy today then it rained ..... again this afternoon. Yesterday was the only sunny day in the two weeks I've been here but I'm working around it as much as I can now I am doing my own thing in Paris. The view from the top was not as scary as I was anticipating. 1977 was the last time I was in Paris and I recall only going to the second level, due to time constraints. Today I was reading on the panels at the summit, that up until 1983 there were no lifts but a counter balanced system of pulleys that took tourists to the second level and that's how I recall traveling. You can spend as much time as you like on the Tower once you are there so I took my time and tried to get my bearings on what I could see before heading back down to earth to take an open-top bus while the rain held off. The commentary is via disposable earpieces plugged into the side if the bus with a selection of languages and a volume control. The tour was valuable in getting to know where I need to plan to go next. Obviously a week is soooo not enough but I will have to be selective how I spend the rest of my time here. I've always wanted to go to Mt Saint Michele so I have booked a train and bus trip for Saturday and as the Louvre is open on Sunday and free on the fist Sunday of the month, I am planning to go to the Louvre for my final day in Paris.

Living like a local involves locating supermarkets. There is a Nespreso coffee machine in this apartment but no coffee and because yesterday was May Day and a public holiday, the supermarkets were closed. So, This afternoon I found a MonoPrix which is a small supermarket on the top floor and a small variety shop downstairs. Interesting that you can buy singlets, shampoo, bags, baby clothes then go upstairs for washing detergent, biscuits, milk, coffee and alcohol all in the one shop!! This MonoPrix was in the 15th arrondisement (same as my apartment) but I got totally lost on the way back. Didn't leave the 15th but went to the nearest Metro station and took two changes of trains to get "home". Not that I was in a hurry but it was raining.

The apartment is very comfortable and as many of you know, it used to be a sewing workshop. It is decorated with sewing and textile books as well as books on Paris. There is a dressmaker's dummy and a wooden sewing box here as well, so I feel really at home. The washing machine is little and it doubles as a tumble dryer all in the same machine. So, I am set here until Monday. The bed is comfortable (too comfortable)!!! and the apartment very secure in a safe area. I do not face the street but there there are two ceiling windows that let in loads of daylight. The heating comes on automatically about 7pm. If you check on line at The Fashion Room ...... http://www.vrbo.com/264241. The apartment is exactly as it is pictured. I love it here but only spend the evenings here as there is too much to see and do. Tomorrow I am planning to visit the fabric shops in the Mont Martre area and the Sacre Cour Church and have a good explore up there. Loved it in 1977 with the artists in the streets painting and the creative atmosphere. Two of my favorite movies have scenes from Mont Martre and Picasso's studio is in Place Emile Goudeau as well as Van Gough lived in rue Lepic. I am looking for the lace for Sally wedding dress and have located a couple of places via google and the recommendation of our waitress on Monday night. Renee and Thomas have been soooo wonderful helping me out with many things, including sorting out getting into the apartment on Modpnday when the arrangements with the key did not work to plan. Renee now speaks fluent French (and quickly and rolling the 'R's). After what could have been very difficult not having the key, Renee took charge of the entire process and Constance duly arrived on motor scooter with the key to meet us at the restaurant. I cannot describe the relief to have Renee and Thomas to help me. I am being "Ma" tomorrow night watching Renee play soccer after work - so looking forward to that. She will arrange for one of the other players to drop me at a safe Metro station to get home. It is only 80 paces from the nearest Metro to the front door of 16 rue Henri Boucquillon.

Sarah send me a video of Scarlett walking .... she will be running by the time I return.

Patchwork girls .... Would love to hear news of the Springwood quilt Show.

A great travel tip which I will remember for next time is to being two European adaptors PLUS an Australian power board. Saves swapping over appliances and devices to charge them .... with camera, phone and iPad, I'm forever plugging/unplugging and waiting for things to charge.

Love Lyn xoxoxo

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Hi Lyn, Was getting worried I hadn't heard from you in a week! However, I can see how busy you are and what a great time you are having! Mum is going really well. Keep on enjoying. It all sounds fabulous. Love, Jan X PS Mum received your postcard and really enjoys looking at the photos!.

by trowerjc

So glad you have made Paris & enjoying it. Checkout the Springwoodquiltshow.blogspot
Have all our clothes laid out ready to pack. David tells me to put half back! Don't think he has any idea of what I am bringing as I am travelling very light clothes wise.Only one more skype to go. Check out Montparnasse tower if you have the chance. Especially if you want good photos at night. We may not be able to go up the Eiffel Tower on the 12th. Depends with the closure of the lifts for repair. We won't know until the day. So we will hold our tickets, the alternative is the above building on the 56th floor with cafe and unlimited time.Hope the weather improves for you when you hit London. You must buy yourself a compass!!!
Love V.xxxx

by aravlyn1

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